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Knowledge of production characteristics of Q345B seamless square tube manufacturers

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When the common steel of Q345B seamless square tube is heated above the critical pressure, the elite team originally at the indoor temperature will transform the whole or most of it into martensite.

Then the steel is infiltrated into water or oil for rapid cooling, and the martensite can be transformed into austenite. The rapid cooling during heat treatment will cause thermal stress in the product workpiece, and when it is large to a level, the product workpiece will be distorted and deformed. Crack. So try to choose the appropriate refrigeration method.

The Q345B seamless square tube heats the metal material product workpiece to a certain suitable temperature and remains for a while, and immediately penetrates into the quenching material. The rapid cooling of the metal material heat treatment processing technology. Common quenching materials include brine, water, and minerals. Material motor oil, gas, etc.

Why not promote the strength and wear resistance of metal material products by heat treatment, so it is unusual to use all kinds of work, molds, measuring instruments and standard surface wear-resistant prefabricated components. After heat treatment and quenching at contradictory temperatures, Why not significantly promote the compressive strength, ductility and fatigue limit of metal materials, and obtain the mutual effects of these types to meet the contradictory actual operating standards.

   In addition, the heat treatment of the Q345B seamless square tube can also make some grading steels have physical effects, such as heat treatment to improve the ferromagnetic material of the rare earth permanent magnet steel, and the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel plate.

Stainless steel plates have two-way contradictory types. The contradictory structure is suitable for contradictory application situations. What have you done with the two? Whether the I-shaped steel is commonly used, it is still light. Because the cross-section specifications are relatively high and narrow, the flexural rigidity of the main sleeves of the two cross-sections is very different, so , It can often only be used immediately for parts that are bent in the plan view of the beam end or form a lattice-type force-bearing part.

Angle steel belongs to the aluminum profile for economic development. Due to the suitable cross-sectional style, they can make the stainless steel plate more efficient at peak periods and upgrade the load bearing capacity. The contradiction to the commonly used I-shape is that the flange plate of the angle steel has been widened. , And the inner and outer surfaces are often parallel, so it can be beneficial to use high-strength bolts to connect with other parts.

The structure is not high. The steel frame structure dominated by hot-rolled angle steel has suitable structural principles, good plastic deformation and flexibility, and the structure does not change high. It is suitable for building structures that withstand shaking and aggressive loads, and can be adjusted to resist flood disasters. Strong, unique and suitable for some building structures in areas where earthquake disasters occur.

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