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Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of Q345B cold drawn square tube

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Q345B cold drawn square tubes have many different effects in specific applications. Each different effect will make Q345B cold drawn square tubes very good in different industries. We also produce Q345B cold drawn square tubes. There will be different characteristics. What are their characteristics? Next, we will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the Q345B cold drawn square tube.

  1, the advantages of Q345B cold drawn square tube:

Q345B cold drawn square pipe is compared with solid stainless steel plates such as Yuangang. When the bending strength and torsion and compression strength are the same, the net weight of Q345C seamless steel pipe is relatively light. The knowledge of Q345B square pipe production and processing advantage is a kind of economic development cross-section stainless steel Plates are generally used to produce parts and mechanical parts, such as crude oil drilling tools, drive shafts, bicycle frames and steel pipe scaffolds used in construction projects. Using seamless steel tubes to produce ring parts, Q345B square tube-Q345B seamless square tube-Q345B square steel tube-Q345B cold drawn square tube-Shandong Dingyu Metal Materials Co., Ltd. can increase the utilization rate of raw materials and simplify the production and manufacturing process. It saves raw materials and comprehensive man-hours for production and processing, such as roller bearing rings, hydraulic jack sleeves, etc. At this stage, seamless steel pipes are commonly used for manufacturing.

  2, the defects of Q345C seamless steel tube Q345B cold drawn square tube:

  Q345B cold-drawn square tube is still a raw material that a variety of strategic weapons cannot lack. The rifling of barrels and cylinders must be made of seamless steel tubes. According to the cross-sectional area, seamless steel pipes can be divided into round steel pipes and special-shaped steels. Because under the same diameter standard, the Q345B square tube has a larger circle area in its production and processing, and the circular tube can transport a large amount of liquid. In addition, the cross section of the ring diagram bears more symmetrical force when bearing internal or external axial working pressure. Therefore, most of the seamless steel pipes are round steel pipes. However, round steel pipes also have certain limitations. When they are bent by the plan view, the round steel pipes are not higher than the upper ones. The rectangular square pipes have higher tensile strength. Some agricultural machinery frames, furniture hardware, etc. are common square and rectangular square pipes. . According to different main purposes, other Q345B cold-drawn square tubes are required in cross-section.

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