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Product process performance knowledge of Q345B square steel pipe

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It is learned that Q345B square steel pipes are classified as alloy tool steel raw materials. They are mainly used for machining and manufacturing parts. In some industries, they can also be used for mold shell production, especially after a certain period of time. The heat treatment method can reasonably improve the physical properties and processability of the raw materials.

Q345B square steel tube alloy tool steel has high foundation pile compressive strength, fracture toughness and higher fatigue strength. The cutting performance of Q345B seamless square tube is higher than that of Q345B square steel tube. Q345B seamless square tube has higher precautions and knowledge under high temperature. Its stress relaxation compressive strength and long-term compressive strength, long-term operating temperature reaches 500 ℃; plastic deformation during cold deformation is at a moderate level, and welding ability is poor. As the key components in the work under long-term load, such as the transmission equipment of the car and diesel engine; the motor rotor of the steam turbine, the main shaft bearing, the heavy-load rotating shaft, and the large cross-section parts.

  The steel has excellent processability. After machining and forming, the concave mold deforms and the specifications are reduced. After the heat treatment process, the surface strength can be improved and the mold shell's service life can be improved. Before heat treatment, a quenching or quenching process is improved. According to the optimized crystal, the net-like structure of ferrite and the strip structure are removed. The Q345B seamless square tube can further improve the physical properties of the raw material.

The steel has high compressive strength of foundation piles, impact toughness and higher fatigue strength. The cutting performance is higher than that of Q345B square steel tube steel. It has high stress relaxation compressive strength and long-term compressive strength at high temperatures, long-term The operating temperature reaches 500℃; the plastic deformation is moderate during cold deformation, and the welding ability is poor.

  All metal materials react with the co2 in the air and produce an air oxide film on the surface. The tragedy is that the compound produced on the general Q345B square steel pipe undergoes air oxidation again, which causes the rust to continue to develop, and then produces holes. It is possible to use paint or metal materials resistant to air oxidation (such as zinc, nickel and chromium) to carry out the electroplating process to ensure the surface of the Q345B square steel pipe. However, as everyone knows, the maintenance of the Q345B seamless square pipe is only A plastic film. If the protective layer is destroyed, the steel underneath will just start to rust. Q345B seamless square pipe is resistant to weak corrosive substances such as gas, steam, water and acid, alkali, salt and other organic chemical corrosive substances. . Also known as stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. In specific applications, steel that is resistant to weakly corrosive substances is often referred to as stainless steel, and steel that is resistant to solvents is called acid-resistant steel. Because of the difference in composition between the two, the first one is not necessarily resistant to solvent corrosion, Q345B square tube-Q345B seamless square tube-Q345B square steel tube-Q345B cold drawn square tube-Shandong Dingyu Metal Material Co., Ltd. and the latter one Species are generally stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of the stainless steel plate 2 lies in the aluminum alloy element contained in the steel. Chromium is the basic element for the corrosion resistance of stainless steel plates. When the magnesium content in the steel reaches up to 12%, the chromium and the oxygen in the corrosive substances produce a very thin air oxide film on the surface of the steel. Passivation treatment film), which can prevent further erosion of the steel substrate. In addition to chromium, common aluminum alloy elements also include nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper, nitrogen, etc., in order to consider the requirements for the structure and characteristics of Q345B square steel pipes for various main purposes.

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