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Q345B square tube processing technology and step knowledge

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The processing technology of Q345B square tube is very simple. It is similar to the shape of circular seamless steel tube. It is all produced with a certain mold. Generally, the wall thickness of rectangular square tube is relatively thin, which is also restrictive for the application industry. At present, in some big cities’ garden fences, Q235B square tube single-family villa garden fences, Q345B square tube product process performance knowledge and some of the table and bench materials are all made of square steel tubes, which have been slowly integrated. Into everyone's daily life. The above is the processing technology of the Q345B square tube that we need to master. Below, let’s talk about how to master your Q345B square tube forming method.

The forming method of the square steel pipe is different. The advantages of real bending are that the rebound is small, the forming is accurate, and only the roll shape is accurate, and the inner angle forming R is more accurate. It is very easy to ensure the actual effect of the real bending. Naturally, it is aimed at this kind of The forming problem naturally has different advantages and disadvantages. The actual bending position of the Q235B square tube causes the actual effect of the drawing. If the bending strength is large, the actual effect of cracking is very easy to occur in specific applications.

The empty bending is based on the unique contact between the outer roller and the outside of the pipe material to ensure that the cutting material is bent in a high-temperature natural environment. The empty bending will cause the bending line to shrink, so that the bending area can be increased by a very large thickness. , The thickness of the metal material at the bend is deposited and thickened, which is the shrinking and thickening effect of the empty bend, which can improve the practical effect of the specific application of the square steel pipe.

  Q345B square tube processing technology and steps are relatively clear, especially to ensure the smooth development of forming technology, Q235B square tube forming is conducive to the subsequent production scale and characteristics, and also plays a more important role in the main application.

   The main purpose of the Q345B square tube is generally because its raw materials are manufactured so that the products are all made after thousands of selections. General production process of Q345B square tube. It includes the following processes: Process 1, Q345B square steel tube product process performance knowledge, raw materials are prepared in advance; Process 2, pipe material heating and cross-rolling broken holes; Process 3, capillary refurbishment; Process 4, thermal expansion and deformation die; Process 5 , Heat treatment process; process six, straightening; process seven, internal grinding; process eight, correction device; process nine, Q345B square tube-Q345B seamless square tube-Q345B square steel tube-Q345B cold drawn square tube-Shandong Dingyu Metal Materials Co., Ltd. external grinding; process ten, flaw detection and inspection; process eleven, re-casting and rolling, full inspection and packaging.

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