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Knowledge of preventive measures for Q345B square tube welding spatter

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The application of Q345B square tube can be said to be ubiquitous. Stainless steel sheet is indispensable in the construction industry. Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of Q345B cold drawn square tube and Q345B square tube is also one of the common raw materials in the basic construction of houses. Welding is a relatively common application processing method in stainless steel plates. What should we pay attention to when welding precision seamless pipes for Q345B square tubes? Splashing seems to be some of the problems that often occur during the whole welding process. For Q345B square tubes Splashes during welding, Q345B square tube-Q345B seamless square tube-Q345B square steel tube-Q345B cold drawn square tube-Shandong Dingyu Metal Material Co., Ltd. How to prevent it?

Then the damage caused by welding spatter in Q345B square tube welding is mainly manifested in: reducing welding deposition and high efficiency, reducing welding production efficiency; spattering is easy to adhere to welding parts and nozzles, knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of Q345B cold drawn square tube affects welding quality , The spatter of the precision seamless tube increases sharply and the particles are large, and the precision seamless tube causes the welding appearance design to be relatively unsmooth and other shortcomings. To avoid spills, the following five countermeasures should help you to some extent:

(1) In Q345B square tube arc welding, there is a certain regularity between the splash rate of each diameter electrode and the welding current: the splash rate is lower in the small current area, and the splash in the high current area The ejection rate is also small, and the spattering rate in the middle area is larger. Therefore, when selecting the amount of welding current, try to avoid areas with high spattering current.

   (2) The external elongation of the electrode should be minimized as much as possible, which can reduce the welding spatter of Q345B square tube more reasonably.

  Q345B square tube

   (3) When the gas shielded welding machine selects positive optical rotation, because the electric isolation is affected by the working pressure of anodized black spots, the splashing increases sharply and the particles are large, so the AC reverse optical connection method is generally used.

   (4) Connect a large inductor in series in the welding control loop. When selecting medium-level current standard gas shielded welding, because the string length is short, and the molten droplet and molten pool will continue to exercise, the molten droplet and molten pool are very prone to short-circuit faults throughout the process, so the gas shielded welding removes large droplets. In addition to the interference connection, some of the droplets are short-circuit fault connections. Connecting a larger inductor in the welding control loop makes the short-circuit capacity increase slower, which can moderately reduce the seamless square tube welding spatter.

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